Blog Tour 2:

In this post I’ll be talking about Autumn’s blog, her theme is how not to cook. Before I read into her blog I was kinda confused on what she was gonna talk about in her posts. I thought she was just gonna do stories of how she messed up but I was wrong. Reading her posts I found that she’s very detailed on what and how she messed up. She talks about what the instructions said and little details that she didn’t do while cooking. Not only is her posts funny but there’s also helpful. Although she isn’t an expert on cooking a lot of the things she messed up was relatable. By reading her posts I was able to learn from her mistakes that I didn’t even know I was doing wrong.

Another thing I noticed in her blog is that she got a little better as time went on. She didn’t almost burn down her house every time she cooked some of the things she tried to cook didn’t turn out that bad. For example, in her 4th post, she messes up right away on the butter than she misread the measurement for the baking soda. As the audience reading this you would for sure think that her dessert wasn’t gonna have a happy ending but it was almost perfect. I think by adding that post to her blog it made it less despairing and showed that when you mess up while cooking you won’t always have a dreadful outcome.

The last thing I want to talk about is the way she wrote her posts. You could tell that she put a lot of personality into her writing. I think that’s always a good thing to do your posts because it helps the audience connect with you and makes it less boring to read. Her writing was very organized and I didn’t ever feel confused about what she was talking about while reading.

In conclusion, I think Autumn did a good job explaining everything, being relatable, and organizing her post well. I think if she ever went forward with her blog it would be funny to see some videos of her cooking but overall I liked her blog.

Blog Tour 1:

In Blog tour 1 and 2, I toured two of my classmate’s blogs. I’m gonna be totally honest although I follow my classmate’s blogs I don’t usually read anyone. Some things I post on my blog I don’t want all my classmates to read and usually my classmates don’t look at my blog. This week is much different though, as I’m touring other classmates blogs people our tour mine as well. I know criticism is a good thing but I’m scared of what people will think of my blog. Will they like it? Do I sound stupid? Does it make any sense? I’m not much of a writer and its pretty obvious in my posts. I know I’m far from the best writer in class but I hope I’m not the worse.

The first blog I toured was Bahja’s she did her blog on a different type of relationship and what a healthy one should look like. This is one of those harder subjects to write about because you can’t justify your own opinion, you need facts. Before actually reading her posts the first thing I noticed is how her posts have a really professional layout. She had spaces between her paragraphs and bullet points. To me it made her post look more appealing than just having one long looking paragraph. When I finally started to read her post I noticed her post were very professional. She made sure to have sources but also put in her input as well on how she would describe a certain relationship.

Another thing I liked about her posts was how in-depth she got. I didn’t feel like she left any details out or like she rushed her information. The last thing I liked about her blog was how she didn’t make it about her or relate to herself. Relating yourself is usually a good thing to do because it connects your audience but I feel like if she did that too much she would start to get off topic. She made sure to stick with information on different type of relationship instead of using her blog as a journal.

In conclusion, I think her blog was professional, credible, and controlled. If she would continue this blog I would maybe add more personality in it so the audience could get to know you better. Overall the blog was coordinated and informal.

Saturday Mishap:


This Saturday was supposed to go a little differently than it did but I’m not complaining. It’s been my first weekend in months that I’ve been able to sleep in. I was supposed to go and perform at the Timberwolves game with my dance team; as we do every year. We ride up to the Target center on a coach bus, perform our kick routine, watch the game, eat then ride back to town. We always get back extremely late making the next day really tough since I always work every Sunday morning. Instead, this year mother nature had its own plans. We had a really bad snow storm with freezing rain, so RTS wasn’t able to transport us to the game and back. Rather than being upset by the news I woke up to I was actually excited for a relaxing day. Of course, that’s not how it went. My sister busted in my room and woke me up bribing me with breakfast so that I would go to the store with her and my mother later that day. Knowing damn well there was a snowstorm outside.

When we finally did go out I got a relentless beating from the frozen rain that came pouring down. The last store we ended up at was Wal-Mart, where I got the great yet random idea with my sister to make holiday-themed cupcakes. I’ll be honest we love to watch cooking/ baking shows but we aren’t the best when it comes to throwing down in the kitchen. My sister wanted to make it all by scratch but I wanted some edible so we decided to compromise. We got boxed spice cake mix and got the ingredients to make homemade cream cheese frosting. When we did get home our mom was set on putting up the Christmas tree and decorations, then my sister left for 3 hours. I had to wait till 8:30 to start making the cupcakes, which there were 40 to make. We stayed up whipping up batches of frosting, cooling it, piping perfect swirls and topping each cupcake with festive sprinkles til after 12 o clock at night! To our surprise the cupcakes and especially the frosting was delicious. But then came the cleaning up part, and we are not very tidy when it comes to baking. I had to change shirts twice, plus I was forced to clean it up all by myself. My sister refused to help clean up the mess so I stayed up 1 am cleaning the kitchen which was much later then I would have gone to sleep if I went to the Timberwolves game.

First Tri-meet Results:


In one of my recent posts, I talked about me and my team having a tri-meet on Thursday(11/27). I talked about how I really wanted to beat Century and that I was hoping that the competition before would give us an advantage. The three days of practice we had before the Tri-Meet was kinda rough. Luckily we only had one day of kick practice and we practiced jazz a lot. Two days before the Tri-meet we found out that our kick music had to change. We have a Vikings themed kick routine so we had a lot of sayings from an NFL reporter talking about ” The Minneapolis Miracle”. We got in trouble for not having permission from the NFL to use sayings. In a scramble we had to take all the words out of our music and dance to just background music; It threw my whole team off. The music was less exciting which made the music harder to dance too.

Going into Tri-meet I wasn’t as excited or hopeful as I was before the music change. Considering we have been practicing so hard for jazz and less focused on kick I thought we at least had kick in the bag, but I was wrong. So wrong. We got last place for varsity kick and jazz. Which was a big shock considering we practiced jazz for a week and fixed any complications with the kick routine. It seemed like we didn’t improve at all. When it came to kick we used to always get first or second place, that was our strong suit. Last year it was Mayo that got last place in kick, now this year they have started out strong and won first place. Jazz, on the other hand, we have struggled with year after year…bad! Century has always been the top school in jazz for Rochester. This year in dance has been hard for us, to say the least.

After this last try meet there was a shift in the meet. We were all visibly disappointed, and nervous about how the upcoming practice would go. This most recent loss meant to us that practice would be brutal. Running, planking, and hardly any water breaks (and a whole lot of asthma attacks for me). In preparation for that upcoming practice, I made sure that I didn’t eat any greasy food and had my Water Joe (caffeinated water). When I did get to practice I found out it was sadly a kick day. For those who don’t know what a “kick day” is it’s two and a half hours of full-out kick sequences. Which may not sound bad to you, but after 4 consecutive minutes of kicking muscles start to burn that you never even knew existed. In the end, it wasn’t as bad as I and quite frankly the whole team expected. Instead of making us condition all night she wanted out input in ways to make our routine more energetic and crowd-pleasing. Although we’ve had a rough start to this dance season, our coach instead of making us condition all practice and punish us for our loss actually brought us closer and boosted our confidence.


Perks of Dancing:

One thing that’s stick to the dance world is if it should be considered a sport. Of course, dancers consider it a sport but I don’t understand how it couldn’t be considered one. I mean how could you say its “easy” if you’ve never danced before? The type of dance that actual dancers do is way different from dancing at a party. Dance is a good way to lose weight and a very difficult SPORT.

I’m not the only one who believes these things either, I found an article on Times magazine titles Why dancing is the best thing you could do for your body by Markham Heid. In the article, Heid quoted a principal lecturer from the University of Brighton Nick Smeeton he says “There is a lot of accelerating and deceleration in dancing, which the body is less able to do in an energy-efficient way”. Just think running with no stops is so much easier than stopping multiple times, it hard to get your body back in a motion that’s what dance is. Dance is more of a performing sport but it takes as much effort as any other sport. Many sports focus on leg exercises or arm exercises but when you dance you’re using your fine and gross muscles.

Not only is dance a good way to exercise but it helps your mental health as well. In our brain, we have what people call “white matter” which is a connective tissue that breaks down as we get older. The white matter helps us remember and process things but a study published Frontiers in aging Neuroscience” by Agnieszka Z. Burzynska and colleagues linked dancing to improve the white matter. In the article Smeeton says “Burzynska and her colleagues looked at white matter changes among older adults engaged in regular walking, stretching or dancing programs. White matter integrity declined among the walkers and stretchers, but improved among those who danced three days a week for six months”. Many other sports you learn and practice techniques for dance you need practice technique and remember as well.

Dancing also encourages social bonding and touch. I know touch sounds weird but Heid says ” Touch is the first sense that emerges during infancy, and the more experts examine the benefits of massage, holding hands and other forms of human-to-human physical contact, the more they find that touching improves well-being and reduces stress and anxiety”.

There’s much more to dancing then I knew about before I read this article. I liked this article a lot because it pointed out positive aspects of dance that no one really writes about. I hope this helps anyone who is unfamiliar with the dance world or thought dance wasn’t a sport I hope this helped you out.

1st Tri-meet!


On Thursday its be our first Tri-meet of the season. For those who don’t know what a Tri-meet is, it’s when you compete against the other high schools in your city which would be Century and Mayo. This is one of the biggest competitions because so many people go to Tri-meets so you can’t mess up. All of our other competitions are out-of-town so if you mess up or don’t place its fine but for Tri-meets you can’t mess up! JM and Century are big rivals though, especially in the dance world. Every year Century wins all city and last year we were so close but our jazz wasn’t that good. Our kick is always is close to Century for scores, and the judges love Century. I don’t know Century or Mayo theme yet so that kinda scares me but im hoping that we’ll perform better.

Last week we went to a competition instead of having the practice like Century and Mayo did. I’m not gonna lie it was rough but your first competition is always rough. With that being said I think my team has an upper hand since the Tri-meet will be our second competition and be Century and Mayos first competition. Century doesn’t get along with us or Mayo but was super close to Mayo. Although we should hate each other and want to beat each other we just honestly want to beat Century. Also, the first Tri-meet is going to be at John Marshall so we can practice in there more often. It’s my last year ever dancing and I really want it to be a good year. Im not a big fan of our theme and costumes this year, its Viking theme. I don’t really like football so it’s not really an upbeat dance like last year. Last year we had a white leotard with sprinkles and a pink sparkly skirt. It sounds childish but it was super cute and it was birthday theme so it was a fun to dance to. This year we have black leggings and long sleeve shirt with a purple sparkle jersey on top. Maybe I’ll start to like the dance more over time but I really hope I do because it’s hard to dance full-out to it.

With that being said I hope practice doesn’t end up killing me tomorrow after Thanksgiving break and that we fix any errors that we had last week before the Tri-meet. I’ll update y’all Friday on how it went, wish me luck!

Late Thanksgiving Post:

Image may contain: 5 people, people sitting and indoor

On the top is a very old picture of me and my siblings and no im not adopted. My two brothers and one of my sisters have a different dad so we look nothing alike. My mom had me at 40 so all of my three other siblings were out of the house when I was growing up. Since all of us have busy and hectic lives we rarely all get together that’s why I love Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is the time where we all come together and have fun like we use to. Every Thanksgiving we all go black Friday shopping after we’re done eating and taking a nap. One of the many reasons why I love my family so much is the fact that was so much different than other families. Yes, having a different family isn’t always a good thing and we do have our downfalls but its never boring. This year was way different than the rest. Instead of all of my family together some people were missing. One of my brothers is away right now and so he wasn’t able to come to Thanksgiving. Also, both of my nieces weren’t able to come and one of my sisters decided not to come this year. This changed the whole mood for Thanksgiving and it didn’t feel the same. Without my whole family there it different really feel like Thanksgiving at all. Also, we usually find really good stuff on black Friday but this year we all didn’t really find any amazing deals which added the icing to the shitty cake. Not only was Thanksgiving with my siblings horrible but also the Thanksgiving with my dad’s side of the family.

My grandma was always the host for any family gathering we had. When my grandma passed away 3 years ago everything changed. My grandpa has been gone for almost 12 years and Oma(grandma) was the only thing holding our family together. None of that side of the family talks to each other anymore and they constantly hold grudges against each other. When Oma was alive the house was packed with friends and family, there were so many people they had to put two tables together for all of to fit. Now, when I went to Thanksgiving this year we were able to all fit at one table. The only people that were there was one of my uncles, his wife, his father-in-law, and his two kids. It was almost like I wasn’t suppose to be there like I walked into the wrong house. I use to be so close to my uncles and now I hate that it almost feels awkward to just talk to any  of them.

Im Thankful to have living family members still and I wish that my family could see what I see. Maybe sometime soon the rest of my family will come to there senses and see what they should be thankful for…family.

Dance Blog Reflection:


On Dance Coach Academy I read a blog titled “Only Dancers get it…” Just as the title says it mostly about things that dancer would only understand. Like the feeling of performing and the bond, you have with your team. The bond you have with your teammates on a dance team is like no other. You dance with the same people constantly for years and without even trying you have a connection with each and every person on the team. There’s a lot of reasons for someone to quit dance but it all comes down to the feeling you get when you dance, its unreplaceable. As the author said “The energy vibration a performance can bring. The rush of dopamine intertwined with the love of movement. The encapsulating feeling of the performance is safe and invigorating all in the same breath….that is if you remember to breathe.”. With other sports each game is different and there isn’t a specific way you play either. You have about an hour or two to play to see who wins and you get breaks in between but for dance its the total opposite. With dance, you got 2-3 minutes to show the judges what you got. You can’t mess up anything and you can’t be tired whatsoever while dancing because you don’t get a break. For high school dance teams specifically for Varsity Kick you need a minimum of 45 kicks in your routine and if any of your teammates mess up a kick or get tired and don’t have there kick above there waist it doesn’t count. With dance, you can’t be selfish and you can’t give your team that winning goal. If your whole team isn’t giving there best then your whole team is going down. With dance, you have to trust each other and learn to know your surroundings while dancing. For example, if your guided to someone for a part in the dance and they accidentally go to the wrong spot you need to follow them so that it isn’t obvious to the judges that your teammate was in the wrong spot. Dancing is a very difficult and frustrating sport but its all worth it.

Dance Drama!

first comp

On Saturday we are having our first competition and it doesn’t even feel like it. At the beginning of the season, everything was going as it should then everything fell apart. On Halloween a boy from JM posted a picture with two other boys, two of them had a KKK hood on and one stood in the middle with black paint all over there face. It was all over social media and they all got dismissed from the army and kicked out of JM.

Although this made me and everyone else furious I still went to dance practice the next day hoping to get this off my mind. I thought wrong because when I got there one of our dancers posted a video on their private story on Snapchat with one other dancer and the three boys in a truck laughing at the boys “Costumes” with racist music playing in the background. If anyone knows the high school dance teams in Rochester they know that we are the most diverse team. I and the rest of the team were enraged and the girls had the audacity to still come to practice. Everyone left when they came in and when one of the girls tried to say sorry I honestly didn’t want to hear anything they had to say. After days of no one talking to them, they stop showing up and moved to a different school, thank god.

Now that they were gone I thought maybe everything would go back to normal but we keep losing dancers. We lost dancers from injuring themselves, bad grades, or simply don’t come to practice. What used to be a big team keeps getting smaller which is making it hard to learn formations if we constantly have to change them. Instead of being excited about our first competition everyone is nervous because of all the new changes. I don’t understand how everything could fall apart so fast we haven’t even really started our season and were already struggling. Im trying to be positive and have a good last year on the team but it’s getting hard.

Dance is already stressful as is and im having a hard time with having money since I can only work once a week until the season is over at the end of February. I also don’t want to fall behind my college classes because of how much time dance takes up. I love to dance and it’s my last year but I don’t want to mess up my future and struggle with money for five months. Should I stay?

Introducing my dance Journal:

dance picture

I’m gonna change my English 1117 blog into my dance journal. This is something I’ve been waiting to do since I started this class. Not a lot of people know that I’m on the John Marshall Dance Team so I would like to use this blog to show people the other side of me that most people don’t get to see. Dancing has always been a big part of my life since I was four years old. For a long time, I danced at Janet Lang dance studio and sometimes at Kellogg. When I entered high school I thought it was time for me to increase my dancing skills and try out for JMDT.

The type of dance that the high school dance teams competed in was something I have never tried before. I was anxious and scared that all the years of dance I have done previously wasn’t gonna be helpful whatsoever for tryouts. I’m not gonna lie I was just horrible like the only thing that looked good was my big smile on my face trying to cover every mistake I made in the routine. To my surprise, I made the JV team, which was the best news I would’ve got from my performance. My coaches must’ve seen something in me because after dancing 4-5 competitions with JV kick my coaches out of no were moved me up to varsity kick. Although I was excited I didn’t know the varsity routine or my formations. I had five days to learn the whole routine and the formations with no mistakes, this may not seem hard to people who don’t dance but this is a hard task to do and it’s very stressful. If I mess up my moves or my formations I could mess it up for my whole team, also if you mess up the coaches will take you out of the routine which is embarrassing. I didn’t want to let down my team and I wanted to show my coaches that I was ready for varsity, so I practiced for hours.

I wasn’t the only one who got moved up which means everyone had to fight for a spot in the dance. Me and six others girls were moved up from JV and we were all excited but we didn’t know what was actually in store for us. My coach decided to dance all of us in the routine the first competition but then decided she wanted a smaller kick team again. Every week seven girls had to try out for three spots and whoever didn’t make it had to sit out another competition. Every week my coach made me go against this girl name Danica and every time I was put into the routine. I was happy I was able to dance but I felt bad for Danica, its like she did it on purpose to make Danica upset. Unlike me and the six other girls who got moved up to varsity, Danica made varsity kick in the beginning and she’d been on the team way longer than I have. I felt bad for her she tried so hard to be in the dance and been trying for years to dance varsity kick and I just come in as a new dancer and take her spot.

But in the dance world if someone takes your spot you don’t complain or if you end up taking someone’s spot you don’t say no or you might not be able to dance again.