Introducing my dance Journal:

dance picture

I’m gonna change my English 1117 blog into my dance journal. This is something I’ve been waiting to do since I started this class. Not a lot of people know that I’m on the John Marshall Dance Team so I would like to use this blog to show people the other side of me that most people don’t get to see. Dancing has always been a big part of my life since I was four years old. For a long time, I danced at Janet Lang dance studio and sometimes at Kellogg. When I entered high school I thought it was time for me to increase my dancing skills and try out for JMDT.

The type of dance that the high school dance teams competed in was something I have never tried before. I was anxious and scared that all the years of dance I have done previously wasn’t gonna be helpful whatsoever for tryouts. I’m not gonna lie I was just horrible like the only thing that looked good was my big smile on my face trying to cover every mistake I made in the routine. To my surprise, I made the JV team, which was the best news I would’ve got from my performance. My coaches must’ve seen something in me because after dancing 4-5 competitions with JV kick my coaches out of no were moved me up to varsity kick. Although I was excited I didn’t know the varsity routine or my formations. I had five days to learn the whole routine and the formations with no mistakes, this may not seem hard to people who don’t dance but this is a hard task to do and it’s very stressful. If I mess up my moves or my formations I could mess it up for my whole team, also if you mess up the coaches will take you out of the routine which is embarrassing. I didn’t want to let down my team and I wanted to show my coaches that I was ready for varsity, so I practiced for hours.

I wasn’t the only one who got moved up which means everyone had to fight for a spot in the dance. Me and six others girls were moved up from JV and we were all excited but we didn’t know what was actually in store for us. My coach decided to dance all of us in the routine the first competition but then decided she wanted a smaller kick team again. Every week seven girls had to try out for three spots and whoever didn’t make it had to sit out another competition. Every week my coach made me go against this girl name Danica and every time I was put into the routine. I was happy I was able to dance but I felt bad for Danica, its like she did it on purpose to make Danica upset. Unlike me and the six other girls who got moved up to varsity, Danica made varsity kick in the beginning and she’d been on the team way longer than I have. I felt bad for her she tried so hard to be in the dance and been trying for years to dance varsity kick and I just come in as a new dancer and take her spot.

But in the dance world if someone takes your spot you don’t complain or if you end up taking someone’s spot you don’t say no or you might not be able to dance again.


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