Dance Drama!

first comp

On Saturday we are having our first competition and it doesn’t even feel like it. At the beginning of the season, everything was going as it should then everything fell apart. On Halloween a boy from JM posted a picture with two other boys, two of them had a KKK hood on and one stood in the middle with black paint all over there face. It was all over social media and they all got dismissed from the army and kicked out of JM.

Although this made me and everyone else furious I still went to dance practice the next day hoping to get this off my mind. I thought wrong because when I got there one of our dancers posted a video on their private story on Snapchat with one other dancer and the three boys in a truck laughing at the boys “Costumes” with racist music playing in the background. If anyone knows the high school dance teams in Rochester they know that we are the most diverse team. I and the rest of the team were enraged and the girls had the audacity to still come to practice. Everyone left when they came in and when one of the girls tried to say sorry I honestly didn’t want to hear anything they had to say. After days of no one talking to them, they stop showing up and moved to a different school, thank god.

Now that they were gone I thought maybe everything would go back to normal but we keep losing dancers. We lost dancers from injuring themselves, bad grades, or simply don’t come to practice. What used to be a big team keeps getting smaller which is making it hard to learn formations if we constantly have to change them. Instead of being excited about our first competition everyone is nervous because of all the new changes. I don’t understand how everything could fall apart so fast we haven’t even really started our season and were already struggling. Im trying to be positive and have a good last year on the team but it’s getting hard.

Dance is already stressful as is and im having a hard time with having money since I can only work once a week until the season is over at the end of February. I also don’t want to fall behind my college classes because of how much time dance takes up. I love to dance and it’s my last year but I don’t want to mess up my future and struggle with money for five months. Should I stay?


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