Dance Blog Reflection:


On Dance Coach Academy I read a blog titled “Only Dancers get it…” Just as the title says it mostly about things that dancer would only understand. Like the feeling of performing and the bond, you have with your team. The bond you have with your teammates on a dance team is like no other. You dance with the same people constantly for years and without even trying you have a connection with each and every person on the team. There’s a lot of reasons for someone to quit dance but it all comes down to the feeling you get when you dance, its unreplaceable. As the author said “The energy vibration a performance can bring. The rush of dopamine intertwined with the love of movement. The encapsulating feeling of the performance is safe and invigorating all in the same breath….that is if you remember to breathe.”. With other sports each game is different and there isn’t a specific way you play either. You have about an hour or two to play to see who wins and you get breaks in between but for dance its the total opposite. With dance, you got 2-3 minutes to show the judges what you got. You can’t mess up anything and you can’t be tired whatsoever while dancing because you don’t get a break. For high school dance teams specifically for Varsity Kick you need a minimum of 45 kicks in your routine and if any of your teammates mess up a kick or get tired and don’t have there kick above there waist it doesn’t count. With dance, you can’t be selfish and you can’t give your team that winning goal. If your whole team isn’t giving there best then your whole team is going down. With dance, you have to trust each other and learn to know your surroundings while dancing. For example, if your guided to someone for a part in the dance and they accidentally go to the wrong spot you need to follow them so that it isn’t obvious to the judges that your teammate was in the wrong spot. Dancing is a very difficult and frustrating sport but its all worth it.


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