1st Tri-meet!


On Thursday its be our first Tri-meet of the season. For those who don’t know what a Tri-meet is, it’s when you compete against the other high schools in your city which would be Century and Mayo. This is one of the biggest competitions because so many people go to Tri-meets so you can’t mess up. All of our other competitions are out-of-town so if you mess up or don’t place its fine but for Tri-meets you can’t mess up! JM and Century are big rivals though, especially in the dance world. Every year Century wins all city and last year we were so close but our jazz wasn’t that good. Our kick is always is close to Century for scores, and the judges love Century. I don’t know Century or Mayo theme yet so that kinda scares me but im hoping that we’ll perform better.

Last week we went to a competition instead of having the practice like Century and Mayo did. I’m not gonna lie it was rough but your first competition is always rough. With that being said I think my team has an upper hand since the Tri-meet will be our second competition and be Century and Mayos first competition. Century doesn’t get along with us or Mayo but was super close to Mayo. Although we should hate each other and want to beat each other we just honestly want to beat Century. Also, the first Tri-meet is going to be at John Marshall so we can practice in there more often. It’s my last year ever dancing and I really want it to be a good year. Im not a big fan of our theme and costumes this year, its Viking theme. I don’t really like football so it’s not really an upbeat dance like last year. Last year we had a white leotard with sprinkles and a pink sparkly skirt. It sounds childish but it was super cute and it was birthday theme so it was a fun to dance to. This year we have black leggings and long sleeve shirt with a purple sparkle jersey on top. Maybe I’ll start to like the dance more over time but I really hope I do because it’s hard to dance full-out to it.

With that being said I hope practice doesn’t end up killing me tomorrow after Thanksgiving break and that we fix any errors that we had last week before the Tri-meet. I’ll update y’all Friday on how it went, wish me luck!


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