Perks of Dancing:

One thing that’s stick to the dance world is if it should be considered a sport. Of course, dancers consider it a sport but I don’t understand how it couldn’t be considered one. I mean how could you say its “easy” if you’ve never danced before? The type of dance that actual dancers do is way different from dancing at a party. Dance is a good way to lose weight and a very difficult SPORT.

I’m not the only one who believes these things either, I found an article on Times magazine titles Why dancing is the best thing you could do for your body by Markham Heid. In the article, Heid quoted a principal lecturer from the University of Brighton Nick Smeeton he says “There is a lot of accelerating and deceleration in dancing, which the body is less able to do in an energy-efficient way”. Just think running with no stops is so much easier than stopping multiple times, it hard to get your body back in a motion that’s what dance is. Dance is more of a performing sport but it takes as much effort as any other sport. Many sports focus on leg exercises or arm exercises but when you dance you’re using your fine and gross muscles.

Not only is dance a good way to exercise but it helps your mental health as well. In our brain, we have what people call “white matter” which is a connective tissue that breaks down as we get older. The white matter helps us remember and process things but a study published Frontiers in aging Neuroscience” by Agnieszka Z. Burzynska and colleagues linked dancing to improve the white matter. In the article Smeeton says “Burzynska and her colleagues looked at white matter changes among older adults engaged in regular walking, stretching or dancing programs. White matter integrity declined among the walkers and stretchers, but improved among those who danced three days a week for six months”. Many other sports you learn and practice techniques for dance you need practice technique and remember as well.

Dancing also encourages social bonding and touch. I know touch sounds weird but Heid says ” Touch is the first sense that emerges during infancy, and the more experts examine the benefits of massage, holding hands and other forms of human-to-human physical contact, the more they find that touching improves well-being and reduces stress and anxiety”.

There’s much more to dancing then I knew about before I read this article. I liked this article a lot because it pointed out positive aspects of dance that no one really writes about. I hope this helps anyone who is unfamiliar with the dance world or thought dance wasn’t a sport I hope this helped you out.


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