First Tri-meet Results:


In one of my recent posts, I talked about me and my team having a tri-meet on Thursday(11/27). I talked about how I really wanted to beat Century and that I was hoping that the competition before would give us an advantage. The three days of practice we had before the Tri-Meet was kinda rough. Luckily we only had one day of kick practice and we practiced jazz a lot. Two days before the Tri-meet we found out that our kick music had to change. We have a Vikings themed kick routine so we had a lot of sayings from an NFL reporter talking about ” The Minneapolis Miracle”. We got in trouble for not having permission from the NFL to use sayings. In a scramble we had to take all the words out of our music and dance to just background music; It threw my whole team off. The music was less exciting which made the music harder to dance too.

Going into Tri-meet I wasn’t as excited or hopeful as I was before the music change. Considering we have been practicing so hard for jazz and less focused on kick I thought we at least had kick in the bag, but I was wrong. So wrong. We got last place for varsity kick and jazz. Which was a big shock considering we practiced jazz for a week and fixed any complications with the kick routine. It seemed like we didn’t improve at all. When it came to kick we used to always get first or second place, that was our strong suit. Last year it was Mayo that got last place in kick, now this year they have started out strong and won first place. Jazz, on the other hand, we have struggled with year after year…bad! Century has always been the top school in jazz for Rochester. This year in dance has been hard for us, to say the least.

After this last try meet there was a shift in the meet. We were all visibly disappointed, and nervous about how the upcoming practice would go. This most recent loss meant to us that practice would be brutal. Running, planking, and hardly any water breaks (and a whole lot of asthma attacks for me). In preparation for that upcoming practice, I made sure that I didn’t eat any greasy food and had my Water Joe (caffeinated water). When I did get to practice I found out it was sadly a kick day. For those who don’t know what a “kick day” is it’s two and a half hours of full-out kick sequences. Which may not sound bad to you, but after 4 consecutive minutes of kicking muscles start to burn that you never even knew existed. In the end, it wasn’t as bad as I and quite frankly the whole team expected. Instead of making us condition all night she wanted out input in ways to make our routine more energetic and crowd-pleasing. Although we’ve had a rough start to this dance season, our coach instead of making us condition all practice and punish us for our loss actually brought us closer and boosted our confidence.



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