Saturday Mishap:


This Saturday was supposed to go a little differently than it did but I’m not complaining. It’s been my first weekend in months that I’ve been able to sleep in. I was supposed to go and perform at the Timberwolves game with my dance team; as we do every year. We ride up to the Target center on a coach bus, perform our kick routine, watch the game, eat then ride back to town. We always get back extremely late making the next day really tough since I always work every Sunday morning. Instead, this year mother nature had its own plans. We had a really bad snow storm with freezing rain, so RTS wasn’t able to transport us to the game and back. Rather than being upset by the news I woke up to I was actually excited for a relaxing day. Of course, that’s not how it went. My sister busted in my room and woke me up bribing me with breakfast so that I would go to the store with her and my mother later that day. Knowing damn well there was a snowstorm outside.

When we finally did go out I got a relentless beating from the frozen rain that came pouring down. The last store we ended up at was Wal-Mart, where I got the great yet random idea with my sister to make holiday-themed cupcakes. I’ll be honest we love to watch cooking/ baking shows but we aren’t the best when it comes to throwing down in the kitchen. My sister wanted to make it all by scratch but I wanted some edible so we decided to compromise. We got boxed spice cake mix and got the ingredients to make homemade cream cheese frosting. When we did get home our mom was set on putting up the Christmas tree and decorations, then my sister left for 3 hours. I had to wait till 8:30 to start making the cupcakes, which there were 40 to make. We stayed up whipping up batches of frosting, cooling it, piping perfect swirls and topping each cupcake with festive sprinkles til after 12 o clock at night! To our surprise the cupcakes and especially the frosting was delicious. But then came the cleaning up part, and we are not very tidy when it comes to baking. I had to change shirts twice, plus I was forced to clean it up all by myself. My sister refused to help clean up the mess so I stayed up 1 am cleaning the kitchen which was much later then I would have gone to sleep if I went to the Timberwolves game.


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