Blog Tour 1:

In Blog tour 1 and 2, I toured two of my classmate’s blogs. I’m gonna be totally honest although I follow my classmate’s blogs I don’t usually read anyone. Some things I post on my blog I don’t want all my classmates to read and usually my classmates don’t look at my blog. This week is much different though, as I’m touring other classmates blogs people our tour mine as well. I know criticism is a good thing but I’m scared of what people will think of my blog. Will they like it? Do I sound stupid? Does it make any sense? I’m not much of a writer and its pretty obvious in my posts. I know I’m far from the best writer in class but I hope I’m not the worse.

The first blog I toured was Bahja’s she did her blog on a different type of relationship and what a healthy one should look like. This is one of those harder subjects to write about because you can’t justify your own opinion, you need facts. Before actually reading her posts the first thing I noticed is how her posts have a really professional layout. She had spaces between her paragraphs and bullet points. To me it made her post look more appealing than just having one long looking paragraph. When I finally started to read her post I noticed her post were very professional. She made sure to have sources but also put in her input as well on how she would describe a certain relationship.

Another thing I liked about her posts was how in-depth she got. I didn’t feel like she left any details out or like she rushed her information. The last thing I liked about her blog was how she didn’t make it about her or relate to herself. Relating yourself is usually a good thing to do because it connects your audience but I feel like if she did that too much she would start to get off topic. She made sure to stick with information on different type of relationship instead of using her blog as a journal.

In conclusion, I think her blog was professional, credible, and controlled. If she would continue this blog I would maybe add more personality in it so the audience could get to know you better. Overall the blog was coordinated and informal.


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