Blog Tour 2:

In this post I’ll be talking about Autumn’s blog, her theme is how not to cook. Before I read into her blog I was kinda confused on what she was gonna talk about in her posts. I thought she was just gonna do stories of how she messed up but I was wrong. Reading her posts I found that she’s very detailed on what and how she messed up. She talks about what the instructions said and little details that she didn’t do while cooking. Not only is her posts funny but there’s also helpful. Although she isn’t an expert on cooking a lot of the things she messed up was relatable. By reading her posts I was able to learn from her mistakes that I didn’t even know I was doing wrong.

Another thing I noticed in her blog is that she got a little better as time went on. She didn’t almost burn down her house every time she cooked some of the things she tried to cook didn’t turn out that bad. For example, in her 4th post, she messes up right away on the butter than she misread the measurement for the baking soda. As the audience reading this you would for sure think that her dessert wasn’t gonna have a happy ending but it was almost perfect. I think by adding that post to her blog it made it less despairing and showed that when you mess up while cooking you won’t always have a dreadful outcome.

The last thing I want to talk about is the way she wrote her posts. You could tell that she put a lot of personality into her writing. I think that’s always a good thing to do your posts because it helps the audience connect with you and makes it less boring to read. Her writing was very organized and I didn’t ever feel confused about what she was talking about while reading.

In conclusion, I think Autumn did a good job explaining everything, being relatable, and organizing her post well. I think if she ever went forward with her blog it would be funny to see some videos of her cooking but overall I liked her blog.


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